Our history

Biskopsuddens Marina is located where the lush green Djurgården meets the Stockholm outlet. The marina has a solid history that leads back to the early 20th century when the Royal Swedish Yacht Club had its port here on Biskopsudden. Today Biskopsudden is a mecca for boating, food and culture. Characterized by its history.

Image: The Maritime Museum
KSSS Relocating

KSSS moves its harbor to Biskopsudden on Djurgården.

Image: The Maritime Museum
KSSS floating Club House

KSSS floating clubhouse on Biskopsudden.

Fidelo relocating

Fidelio moves to KSSS Club harbor at Biskopsudden on Djurgården.


BP is taking over the lease of the club harbor from KSSS, and adopts a BP marine gas station.

Arthur Wessblad

Arthur Wessblad takes over the harbor via a lease from BP.

Gittans Taverna

Gittans Taverna is renamed to Skippers Inn.

Biskoppsuddens Marina is started

Biskopsuddens Marina och båtmäkleri is started in KSSS old clubhouse by Arthur Wessblad.

Arthur Wessblad leasing

Arthur Wessblad takes over from BP, and leases directly from Djurgårdsförvaltningen.

Skippers Inn

Gittans Taverna is renamed to Skippers Inn.

The pier is built

The pier and the new pontoon facility is built. 23 ice-free year-round berths for boats up to 50 feet is built on the inside of the pier.

M/S Arken

The boat brokerage is moved to aboard M/S Arken and Skippers Inn takes over the club house which is rented out to Gun and Sten Holmquist.

The first floating boat show

Arthur Wessblad conducts the first floating boat show at Biskopsudden. The cooperation with SVD Skepp O'Hoj begins.

Sweden' prime

Arthur Wessblad runs Biskopsuddens Marina och båtmäkleri to become one of the premier marinas in Sweden.


Biskopsudden from above.

Chris Kjellberg and Peder Kalling

Chris Kjellberg and Peder Kalling takes over the harbor and boat brokerage business.

Jan Carlsson

Jan Carlsson takes over the port from Chris & Peder and continues to run the marina and boat brokerage.

Rolf Tönnesen

Rolf Tönnesen takes over the boat brokerage on Biskopsudden through leasing from Carlsson.

Hans Mellström

The whole facility is purchased by Mellström with the company Viamare, while starting a collaboration with Rolf Tönnensen for selling prestigious Storebro boats. Rolf also continues to run the brokerage.

November 1, 2002
Viamare sells

Rolf Tönnesen buys the facility from Viamare.

March 1, 2003
Yacht Center

Rolf starts a Yacht Center and leases to several operators selling different boat brands.

October 1, 2004
Lisa på Udden

Lisa Elmqvist takes over Skippers Inn and "Lisa på Udden" is born.

April 1, 2007

Rolf Tönnesen brings on Michael Silfverberg, Bengt Linden and Christophe Loven as partners.

April 1, 2012
The lightship

Yacht Center buys the magnificent lightship on Biskopsudden.

April 1, 2012
The restaurant AIRA opens

Tommy Myllymäki opens the restaurant AIRA, right next to the marina. The gastronomic experience at AIRA is focused on Nordic produce, using traditional cooking techniques. An original dining experience which combines gastronomy, architecture and natural environment.