Looking for a berth?

We offer berths during the summer season, winter season and the all year round. Water and electricity are available to all berths and several of them have car park included in the price. Warm welcome!

How do I get a berth?

During the summer season (May 1st to October 15th) we usually have a waiting list to get a berth. Large boats (35-51 feet) probably need to wait one to two seasons before a spot become vacant. The same applies to mid-range boats (9-11 meters). It normally takes shortest time to get a berth for a smaller boat (1-8 meters).

Agreements and invoices for the berths will be sent out in February and if it is paid on time you will keep your spot. This also means that we can not plan for the distribution of berths until the beginning of March. Getting a berth for the summer season usually takes longer than for the winter season.

What do the berths look like and what do they cost?

We have three different types of berths. For boats from 1-7 meters we have got six meter long booms and boats from 7-11 meters, eight and ten meter booms. Boats between 35 and 51 feet can berth at the pier. If the boat is bigger than 51 feet, we can offer a number of longship spots. Prices are available upon request.

Are there any special regulations?

It is not allowed to use the boat as a permanent residence. We would like to see that you maintain order in the marina; do not litter, drive too fast, nor in any other way disturb the order. We strive to maintain as good standard as possible.

Storing your boat in the water is a very affordable and easy alternative. Additionally, you can use the boat both earlier and later during the season as long as the weather allows. The winter season runs from November 1st to April 15th.

We offer three different storage options at both ice-free and non-ice-free berths. All options include car parking at the pier, separate power outlets to each berth (electricity costs will be added) and winter water in three different places in the harbor. NOTE all prices below are exclusive of VAT. We only have got about 60 ice-free berths.

Option 1.

For boats up to about 50 feet long with a maximum width of 4.5 meters, we offer our luxurious ice-free berths on the pier. Here you park your car right in front of your boat, you share the pier with one more boat and it is possible to refill with water in two different places throughout the winter.

Option 2.

For boats up to about 100 feet, we have ice-free and non-ice-free longship spots. Price available upon request.

Option 3.

For small and medium-sized boats up to about 35 feet, we have ice-free and non-ice-free mooring spots using beams.


We can assist in covering your boat for winter, winter maintenance, engine service, prepping for spring etc. Request a separate offer.

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Enter "N/A" if you have chosen "I don't have a boat".

Enter "N/A" if you have chosen "I don't have a boat".